Now Bilingual!

Alternative worship… what does that mean? Well, it is still being defined. Beginning last month, we adjusted to accommodate youth. Now, as of last Sunday, Lifted Cup services are also bilingual for all ages. Wow! How will God bless this ministry?

Just a brief description of our differences from the Sanctuary worship:

  • Songs include background singers and have lyrics for both English and Spanish.
  • Common prayer is given in both languages.
  • Separate bulletins are printed for English and Spanish speakers.
  • Patricia is not a proficient speaker of Spanish, so Ligia translates the remainder of the service for those who speak primarily Spanish.
  • Following the message, we have a time of review, which includes activities printed on the back of the bulletin (crossword, word search, and journal suggestions).
  • We sit at tables and enjoy coffee, tea or water and muffins or donuts.

Please pray for this ministry to serve the underserved in our community. How can we serve our community? If you know of a service we can offer or somebody who would benefit from this ministry or a visit, please let us know by using the contact form.

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