Planning and more planning….

God wants our very best, and our committee aims to please Him. Here are plans as they stand at this point:

What: Lifted Cup adjunct ministry community worship fellowship

Where: Avon Park Church of the Nazarene, 707 W Main St, Prescott Fellowship Hall

When: Sunday mornings at 10:40 am beginning September 8th

Who: Community members, Seekers and others

We will be using the NIrV Bible, and copies will be available for use during the worship fellowship.

The message topics and scripture references for September, October and November are selected, and are designed to help us know who God is, what He wants from us, and what He will do for us.

Children will be included in the existing pre-K and Elementary Children’s Worship programs in the Educational Building.

Setup will include tables to support the Bibles and coffee cups. (Yes, we will have coffee!)

Music at the outset will be digital “sing-a-long” with words on the screen.

We will fellowship, pray, worship and learn together, with an opportunity for questions after (during?) the message.

For more information, call or text Patricia at 863-257-5549 or use the contact link to send email.

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